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the Jubilee Project

The Jubilee Project is an initiative in the Newhallville neighborhood of New Haven, Connecticut. Our core values are love, justice, and hospitality, grounded in the grace of Jesus. We seek holistic flourishing in our city that encompasses spiritual, relational, and physical thriving.


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The Jubilee Project is an initiative of the Borden House to seek spiritual, relational, and physical flourishing through worship, community, and housing.


We started the Borden House as an intentional Christian community and 501(c)3 organization in New Haven in 2018. 


Since 2018, we have seen God working in amazing ways. By God's grace, we have gathered for hundreds of meals and prayer time, hosted worship gatherings that draw people from around the city to encounter Jesus. As we have lived out life in the neighborhood, we've also hosted gatherings alongside neighbors, planted vegetable gardens, installed a basketball hoop for kids from the neighborhood (and enjoyed many games with them), and hosted block parties with neighbors. 

In 2020, we realized that our hope of holistic flourishing required that we attend to urgent housing needs in our community: people were struggling to afford their housing, unable to buy homes, and/or living in sub-standard conditions. We felt the call to see our relational and spiritual work to be interweaved with work around addressing housing needs in our community. The theme of Jubilee animated this vision, and the Jubilee Project was born.

So, today, we remain committed to those three core priorities--building community, gathering people to worship Jesus, and addressing housing needs--that all flow from the love, justice, and hospitality of the gospel.

Our dream and vision is to see holistic transformation in our community as both spiritual and practical needs are met through the love of Jesus.



We are grateful for the mentorship, guidance, and support provided by our partners.


Yale Students
for Christ


Elm City

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Trinity Baptist

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