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A story of Jubilee


Quiana has been a long-term resident of our community. She has experienced and cultivated rich relationships here. “The relationships I have with my neighbors are like no other it’s not like there just neighbors but their family. They’ve seen me grow from a child to an adult. Being apart of this neighborhood and family is something I cherish.”

She works as an elementary school teacher, and she is actively involved in in our neighborhood. She is known for her kindness, steady presence in the community, and her love for sitting on the porch with neighbors. 

After a horrible fire that destroyed the apartment she rented and loved, she had an opportunity to buy the restored, renovated home that came from it. Together, we worked and pray to see this become a reality as a physical picture of the transformation—spiritual, relational, physical—that we long for.


Jubilee Opportunity

Due to financial barriers resulting from the fire, the traditional financing process proved to be difficult, with some unexpected delays.


But through generous supporters of the Jubilee Project, we were able to provide a forgivable loan to cover the down payment; this will be forgiven after 7 years, an echo of the forgiveness commended in the Year of Jubilee. 

We also provided a loan of $250,000 from the Jubilee Loan Fund as short-term financing for her to buy the home. She now has immediate equity to establish the financial basis she needs to refinance and pay back the loan.


After working through numerous obstacles and delays, Quiana closed on her home in June 2022. She has already made the home a place of hospitality, community, and joy. 

Thank You

We would like to thank all of those who gave, prayed, or supported Quiana and the Jubilee Project to make this dream a reality. We hope this is the beginning of many opportunities like this: to support long-term residents of our neighborhood develop deep roots here and contribute to the long-term flourishing of the community.

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"I am truly grateful for The Jubilee Project helping me in my difficult time by lending me the money to purchase my childhood home in a neighborhood I love and have so many memories. It was a huge help to me and I don’t know if this would have been successful without your act of generosity and support in the process.

I’ve always saw New Haven as my home but thanks to your organization I’m really able to call it home. Being a home owner has gave me a sense of security. The dream of owning a home in a neighborhood I grew up in felt  further away than I could imagine but thanks to people like you all and the work your organization does , you made it possible for me.

Thank you again for your generous support and I look forward to working with The Jubilee Project to help others like myself and give back to the New Haven Newhallville community in the future."

~ Quiana

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