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A New Opportunity

The Jubilee Project is an initiative in New Haven to bring holistic flourishing through relational, spiritual, and economic thriving. Our core economic focus is housing. Since launching the Jubilee Project, we have seen some amazing breakthroughs. Last year, we helped Quiana buy her home in the wake of a fire (click here to learn more). We have worked to do our part in addressing historic inequities and injustices and promote opportunities for people in our community. But we know there's much work to be done.

For years, we have identified one house in particular: 49 Sheffield Avenue. It has sat vacant for the last 7 years or so, dilapidated and broken down, a visual depiction of how many people feel amidst housing insecurity and loneliness and spiritual dryness. We have longed for this house, much like the fragile and broken areas of our lives, to be restored and to be used to be a blessing in our community. That opportunity has come: we are under contract to purchase the property. We hope to buy it, renovate it, and sell it affordably to a family in the community. 

But we need your help.


We are raising financing to purchase the property. We have a goal to raise $100,000 in financing by October 1st to be able to close on the house. The process is simple. You fill out an interest form that includes how much you'd be willing to lend and the interest rate (anywhere from 0% to 6%). We collaborate with you on the best way for you to get involved, and we send the paperwork. You send the funds. We use it to buy and renovate the home. And we return the funds with interest when the project is completed. 

We believe that strategically deploying capital for redemptive and restorative projects like this can help build community, establish longevity, and promote economic security for families and communities who have been denied these kinds of opportunities. Join us. 

Image by William


We are looking for missional investors who can lend funds to finance this project. We are borrowing at 6%, but many people choose to lend at a lower rate. This loan is low risk because the property holds the value of the financing, and it's high impact in the ways it will provide opportunity and restoration.


Review and Collaborate

Once you indicate interest, we will follow up to go over more information, and you can ask any additional questions you may have. We can collaborate on the best way for you to partner in this work. If you are ready to move forward, we can get rolling on paperwork. 

Image by Amoh
Image by Fabian Blank


Send funds

We will provide instructions for how to send the funds, and we will receive the funds and put the funds toward this project. 


Receive funds back 

After we purchase the house, we will renovate it and sell the house. After we do so, we will return the funds back to you with interest. You support will have enabled a dramatic restoration and a powerful housing opportunity. 

Image by Andrew Moca


"I am truly grateful for The Jubilee Project helping me purchase my childhood home in a neighborhood I love and have so many memories. I’ve always saw New Haven as my home, but thanks to your organization, I’m really able to call it home. Being a home owner has gave me a sense of security. The dream of owning a home in a neighborhood I grew up in felt  further away than I could imagine but thanks to people like you all and the work your organization does , you made it possible for me."

Quiana Horry

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